Empowering Memories

2nomi’s life story products are a comforting keepsake and tool to benefit someone in need of person-centered healthcare, their families and care partners. Life story products provide a guide to individual needs that enhances person-centered care and promotes positive memories and quality of life.

Life stories tell us who a person really is, illustrates their life accomplishments, endeavor’s, desires, dreams, needs and concerns. Life story work is especially helpful for individuals in need of nursing care, with memory loss or dementia, medical, emotional, psychological, spiritual issues or dependencies that affect their lives. Sharing their life stories helps to identify their specific needs so care partners, family and friends can understand their needs, empathize and support them.

Welcome to 2nomi

With 2nomi® you can create a photobook that celebrates the life of a loved one and helps them say “I want you to know me”!   We are focused on the goal of generating a very personal and emotional connection between the person and the people that care for them.

2nomi® helps you produce a compilation of a loved one’s life history, in order for care partners to know more about the “person” and not just a “patient”.  Life story products allows for a thorough and thoughtful understanding of the person to develop empathetic relationships that enhance the delivery of holistic, “person-centered care”.

Proven and Effective

Life story work is one of the best ways to provide person-centered care, a conceptual model of health care delivery that differs from traditional task and disease-oriented health care models through an emphasis on holistic practice and focus on assuring that healthcare decisions respect the perspectives, needs, values, priorities and life history of the person.  A focus on person-centered care drives a culture change in care by treating the person as a whole, placing importance on understanding the physical, psychological, emotional, social status and life story of the person and including this understanding into care planning and daily care practices.

Just as importantly, life story work will allow loved ones to honor and celebrate a person’s life story and share that story with care partners to enhance care for the one they love. Life story work has the potential to enable care staff to “see the person behind the patient”.  2nomi®enables you to build a life story work in a particular way that helps others “see” your loved one as a person and “hear” them with an understanding of exactly what comforting care is required when they are unable to voice their needs.

Easy and Invaluable

In 4 easy steps, you can craft this very important work of art that tells the life story and care requirements of your loved one.  The 2nomi® online system makes it simple to upload photos and provide the information necessary to create a beautiful, custom life story in a durable, bound photobook which is then delivered to your home or care facility.

Get Started

Putting together a 2nomi® life story photobook is a simple, yet very rewarding process. Just click on the link below and follow the tutorial to collect relevant photos and provide the helpful information, choose your options and 2nomi® will publish the life story you want to share!

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